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Born in England, son of a Spanish mother and American father, Paul was raised between Spain and Florida. His introduction to art was very early due to his mother's creative facet, with an extensive artistic production in various disciplines. With such influence it was not difficult for him to choose fine arts as a career as he became older. Being lucky enough to have been raised and educated in such different countries allowed him to be in contact with two very different ways of understanding art and life. This is what made it easier for him to get interested in urban art such as graffitti and tattoo during his stay in Miami after graduating. In his beginnings as an artist he focused more on drawing and painting, going so far as to make exhibitions internationally. His relationship with the tattoo in that period was something experimental. It wasn't until he returned to Barcelona when he began to transform his interest in tattooing into his profession. In fact, he was lucky enough to become a teacher at the same school where he learned to tattoo. From the beginning he opted for black and white realism for its clear similarities with academic drawing; creating volumes, textures, contrasts and contours with the color black and its dilutions to capture a new "reality" in the skin. This attracted him from the first time he had a machine in his hands. With the passsing of time and many hours of tattooing under his belt Paul couldnt help himself but to also start mastering the craft of color tattooing. He is currently a tattoo artist working in Madrid at Face2face tattoo studio and also in Miami Florida at the infamous Miami Ink on South Beach. In a constant pursuit of perfectionism, Paul has attended many seminars to learn new application techniques and makes regular guests visits around the world where he shares information and interests with other tattoo artists to continue growing.

Paul Andras tattoo

I want to make your tattoo come true

Your skin will become the canvas on which a work of art is crafted upon.


Receiving your trust is the greatest responsibility I can have.


It is my duty to give the best of me in every single tattoo.

I would love to hear from you!

The best way to contact me is to complete the tattoo form in the link below

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