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Realism Tattoos Black&Grey & Color

Award Winning Tattoo artist working 
in Miami and Madrid 

With over 10 years of experience tattooing, Paul has traveled around the world sharing knowledge with the greatest international artist in the pursuit of a constant artistic development.

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Fine Arts graduate, Paul has been fortunate to grown up in a multicultural family of artists, being able to grow and evolve in countries as different as the US and Spain. This has allowed him to be in contact with two very different ways of understanding art and life. He currently participates in the best conventions and guest spots worldwide.

Tattoo Healing Process

Need information on how to heal your new tattoo? Click the link below for expert 

tips and procedures to ensure a great healed tattoo. 

let's make your idea reality

Best realism tattoo

The best way to contact me is by completing the tattoo form so that I can study your project and respond
with the most 
precise information.

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Best method of contact

Find me in Madrid 
Face2Face Tattoo
C. de Vinaroz, 5, 28002 Madrid


Best method of contact

Find me in Miami 
1360 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL


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